Friday, August 10, 2007

About Me

  • 23
  • Female
  • Los Angeles

Everyday essentials:
  • Splenda
  • Newspaper
  • Internet access on my 3 lb. laptop computer that I’ve fondly named “lappie”
  • Dance shoes

    What’s your poison?
  • Brewed coffee, often decaf
  • My homemade sugar-free hot cocoa (hey, I’m an athlete—you get creative with treats)
  • Rich, yummy red wine—Malbec, Sangiovese, and Cab Blends in particular
  • Vintage cocktails made right, like Manhattans and Sidecars. Yes, I enjoy Bourbon and Brandy and I’ve got plenty of hair on my chest to prove it.

    I am
  • An only child
  • usually cold
  • one of the guys. Always have been.
  • quite good with money
  • a dual citizen of Canada
  • happy

  • Bathrobes. Big, fluffy, white ones
  • Watching Basketball games
  • Going barefoot— I’ll usually slip off my sandals in restaurants if I can be inconspicuous and the place isn’t too nice.
  • Gay men
  • Inclement weather when I’m indoors. The indoors part is key.
  • Cigars…with much moderation, of course

  • White wine
  • Women who giggle
  • Paying for parking. I dislike parking laws too, in fact I’ve had to talk my way out of getting ticketed at LAX on several occasions.
  • Most children
  • People who’ve made lots of money but are still rude and coarse. There’s a lot of that out here in LA.
  • Having to call customer service for any major company and try talking to a representative. Specifically, this is Sprint, Anthem Blue Cross and my absolute favorite, Sallie Mae.

  • Genealogy
  • Traveling and exploring new places. This doesn’t happen often and it’s usually starts as something other than leisure, but I still love it.
  • Cooking and baking
  • Biking along the beach
  • Seeing the Oscar picks for each year. I don’t like spending money on bad movies, so I just wait for the Academy to tell me what’s good.

    I can’t
  • Draw
  • Read music
  • Paint my nails with any real skill. Seriously, I am an embarrassment to the female sex.
  • Play pool. I’m awful—it’s painfully obvious I spent most of my college education either working or at a dance studio.
  • Mince words. I either say it out right or not at all.

    I can
  • Sing…I used to be a jazz singer in high school
  • Fall asleep anywhere
  • Run in heels
  • Talk my way out of or into just about anything. But I don’t use my powers for evil, don’t worry.
  • Check my oil and transmission fluids, pump a hydraulic car jack and change a flat tire… all in a sun dress. And yes, you do get curious looks for doing things like that.

    I have
  • driven across the county
  • cried while listening to exceptionally beautiful music
  • huge eyes

    I have never:
  • been to a frat party. I just never wanted to go-- I don't drink crap and the frat boy thing just never appealed to me.
  • cut my hair short
  • been fired from a job

    Pet peeves:
  • Retail sales associates who try to get involved in my shopping experience. Ladies, I’ll ask you for a fitting room if I want one and when I’m in there half clothed, don’t start knocking on the door and asking “how are we doing?”
  • Mediocre restaurants silently putting additives in their food like whipping cream, butter and lard to make their “cuisine” edible.
  • Public transportation systems in big cities that don’t work.
  • People who aren’t passionate about anything

    People know me by:
  • My walk. Hey, if you take minor scoliosis and put it through six years of Ballroom training, the posture’s pretty recognizable.
  • My facial expressions.
  • I sit with my legs folded “Indian style,” all the time. Even in restaurants or in a dress, if possible.
  • My laugh. It’s usually quite loud and not traditionally girly—just like me!
  • My casual stance is with one leg turned out, kind of like 2nd position in Ballet. I actually trip people sometimes by accident.
Favorite Words:
  • Toast
  • Pour

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